About us


Meadowbrook Auto SalesFred & Audrey Weaver started Meadowbrook Auto Sales on January 1986. Fred worked 20 years as a route salesman for Utz Quality Foods. Fred began his car business as a salesman for Glenn Baker at Bakers Auto Sales while working for Utz’s. In January 1986 the doors opened at Meadowbrook which was the former location of Beaver Creek Auto Sales.

The name Meadowbrook came from the property which was mostly a meadow and there is a brook across the street so it became Meadowbrook Auto Sales. In May of 1986 Hanover Building Systems built a office and garage which we know use as our service center. At the time we specialized in older clean vehicles. In August of 1986 Fred & Audrey’s son Rick was hired to detail cars and whatever had to be done to make the business run and has been a part of Meadowbrook ever since. Rick now is the President and Co-Owner of Meadowbrook Auto Sales.

In September of 1987 Fred & Audrey’s daughter Peggy Henry was hired to help Audrey with the paperwork and detailing of the vehicles. Peggy is now the Secretary/Treasurer and Co-Owner. In May of 1988 Glenn’s son Rick Baker was hired to help in the daily operations to make Meadowbrook run smoothly. Rick is still with us today and runs our Service Center overseeing the 4 full time technicians we employ. Around 3 years after starting the car dealership the storage business began and a building 100x30 was built by Hanover Building Systems which in 2009 we converted to a office, detail shop and a repair bay which Ray Rohler works on vehicles. A couple years later we built 2 - 200x20 mini storage buildings also built by Hanover. Couple years later Meadowbrook purchased property right behind the existing property and begun the 2nd phase of storage as 4 more storage buildings where built by Hanover. We all worked very hard over the next 10 or so years to keep Meadowbrook growing in the car business and storage business with lots help from people like Ken Rife, Greg Burgard and Joe Drago as part time mechanics. In March of 2004 Ricks son Wes Weaver was hired to also help with the daily operations. Wes is now taking care of all the buying of the Rent to Own vehicles and oversees the service center.

In the early months of 2005 Hanover built a 2 car garage on the backend of the existing garage which now employs Craig Shaffer and Gary Greiner. The excisting garage is where James Groft works on vehicles. In May of 2006 we began the Rent to Own program for the car dealership. As we sold the units off the car lot which were mostly Diesel trucks we began purchasing vehicles for the Rent to Own program. In the spring of 2013 Peg's son Shane Henry was hired to help in the office of Meadowbrook and one day with the help of Wes will take over the daily duties of Meadowbrook Auto Sales. In early 2015 Seth Kerr was hired to detail cars for the Rent To own Program. Today with the help of 10 employees we strive to give the customer the best vehicle and best service you can give in our industry and we are solely committed to the Rent to Own business.